"Creative experiences of wonder"


Studio Storybook came to be early one morning around 1 am, a time when most folks are sleeping. One of the folks who was NOT sleeping that morning was an interior designer (Lindsay Hoekstra), who was married to a musician (Jeremy Hoekstra) and who was wondering if there was a way that she, her husband and their talented, creative friends could better and more broadly inspire imaginations and point people to hope, joy and wonder using the creative arts. Up to that point, they had been hired in a variety of capacities pertaining to music and design, not only for interiors, but for events and productions as well, though they had only established a company for interior design. (Lindsay Hoekstra Custom Interiors, LLC was that former company).

As a result of this early morning pondering, the designer came to the conclusion that it was time to broaden the umbrella of their company to encompass all possible cool, creative and wonderful things to allow for more fun projects as need and desire allowed. So later that morning, when her musician husband woke up, she hit him with the notion of a creative umbrella company and he thought it was a glorious idea.

Hence, the Studio was born.

At that time, the designer and musician knew they had to more specifically nail down the purpose of the Studio so this is what they decided:

Our purpose is to help you experience imaginative, wonderful possibilities and to make your project a unique, creative, knock-your-socks-off experience for everyone involved, whether that be an event, production, space, melody or something new and different that we invent together.

We are a team of creative people who love to make and participate in projects that delight people. We love design. We love art. We love music. We love movies. We love books. We love good food and drinks. And we love spending time with the people who make these things worthwhile. We believe these experiences point us to something bigger than ourselves and we want to invite you to join us in that endeavor.